Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ITALY~ day 3

 This picture got out of order for some reason...but it is believed that these chains were used to restrain the Apostle Paul.  This was our first stop of the day...  St. Pauls Basilica.  It was breathtaking~ as are all of the places to visit in Italy.
If you read the New Testament at all those chains are equal parts beautiful and brutal.  A vivid reminder that we are indeed slaves to Christ.  Yet ~He is our freedom.  Paul lived that out for us to see and emulate.
 Chelsey was insistent that we ride a Vespa.
 I was not incredibly optimistic about the experience of doing that....however, "When in Rome", right?

It was actually a lot of fun.

 Look how mammoth these statues really are...I look very small beside it.
 All of the doors there are gorgeous and inscribed with words, pictures and scripture.

We took off from there to see the Spanish steps...and another fountain that I have forgotten the name of ....
 But now~ this pasta dish~  I WILL never forget.  Carbonara.  My absolute favorite.  I could make myself sick eating it...

 Chelsey and I had a ball.  We filled as many moments as possible seeing all that could be seen or eating what could be eaten:)

These last two pics actually represent the entire reason we went to Italy in the first place.  Chelsey's oldest niece was being baptized and welcomed into the family of God.

It is not my place to use their faces or even their story.

But my place was watching from the background...taking in the glorious sight of a precious little sister testifying of her faith in Jesus despite many hurtles of sorrow in her young little life.

It was an unspeakable honor to witness such a sacred event.

And it was one I did not take lightly.

Our faithful God called this little girl's mother home to heaven 2 and a half years ago...yet I witnessed the answer to that mother's prayer with my own eyes.

Her prayer lived on after she went to Jesus.

And these eyes saw that faith come to fruition.

I will never forget it.

Italy was wonderful on every level.
The entire experience will be a treasure to me always.
Crossing an ocean and visiting places of grandeur topped even my wildest expectations.

But crossing an ocean and witnessing the faithfulness of my God was the sweetest moment of all.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

~ITALY~ day 2

We started the day early because there was much to see and much to do.

Breakfast could not have been more perfect~ some kind of delicious croissant filled with white chocolate.  It was a glorious moment for my taste buds.

St. Peters and the Vatican were beyond grand.  Your senses can hardly take it all in.

The second grouping of pics were taken in a little Italian town that held special meaning for my traveling buddy.  The views and ambiance of this little town were well worth the 30 minute train ride to get there.
Each angle held gorgeous backdrops and quaint spots...it was post card perfect.

Also the BEST gelato came from this place.

There are so many pictures I could not post of this fun-filled day~ space is too limited.  However my memory holds them all.

We beat the sun coming up and lived each moment to its full. We laughed at ourselves as we closed down the night because we had taken the wrong train.

There is no telling what those Italian folks thought of the goofball American ladies that simply could not stop laughing.

It was an incredible day.  My heart (and tummy) were full.