Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Enemy's Lullaby

This is my 3rd attempt to write this post.

Each time I have begun the writing process I have stalled out.  Rather than forcing it...I have walked away.  And waited.

Here is what the Lord gave me this morning.

A week ago I had the privilege of rocking a little baby girl to sleep at the pregnancy center where I work/volunteer. (just one of the many perks:)

Her mama was exhausted.  She had tried everything to calm and soothe her baby girl.  I asked if I could give it a try.

To my delight her mama graciously accepted my offer.

While her mom watched a parenting video, I found myself resorting to tactics that worked with my own babies.  I wrapped her up tight, held her very close and bounced her while patting her bottom.

She fought me at first but then she gave in and closed her eyes.

I had lulled this angel to sleep.

Lull~  "to put to sleep or rest, to soothe or quiet, a temporary calm, quiet or stillness."

God used this gentle encounter to caution me.

So much I want my life to be free of struggle and strife.

I want to live and just be.  I want to be blind to the fact that I have a real Enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

I want loving and serving God to be easy.  Peaceful and effortless.

Because I attempt to stay close to the Lord Jesus through bible study and prayer I am less likely to fall for blatant temptations.  Not that I am above it....I just try to be intentional and aware.

However I am prone to being worn down and weary.  Tired of the fight.

The Enemy has always been subtle.  Go back to the garden...his scheme with Eve was to turn God's words around in her mind. (Gen.3:1)

He does that with me too.

He comes to me and LULLS me in a different way.

Here are a few additional definitions of the word Lull: "to give or lead to feel a false sense of safety; cause to be less alert; a pacified or stupefied condition."

This was my warning from the Lord.

The Enemy wants to lull me into a spiritual dullness.

Hebrews 5:11 states that believers can become dull in hearing.  That terrifies me.

I am on the lookout for the BIG SINS.

So I doubt the Enemy is going to attack me in one of those areas.

However if he can tempt me to slack off in some areas spiritually...then that works just as well.

Staying disciplined and walking with the Lord is intentional.  Period.

It means praying when you don't want to.  It means giving when you would rather take.  It means going when you would rather stay.  It means studying the Word when you want to do anything else.  It means not watching that show on tv that dulls your senses to sin.  It means not listening to music that glorifies ungodly lifestyles.
It means kindness when you would rather cuss someone out.
It means loving when all you feel is hatred.
It means serving without any recognition.

Ha.  I bet I have lost some of you.

See what I mean?

We want our minds to be occupied and entertained by things that are fun, thrilling, light, safe and easy.

Herein lies the trap.

Many of us believers are lulled to sleep spiritually.

Just like that baby in my arms we pose no threat to the Enemy.

The Lord needs us to be awake and alert.

He does bless us with times of rest.  But he equips us for battle and makes us "more than conquerors". (Rom.8:37)

Too many of our swords are dull from lack of use.

God wants his kids to mark this world for His glory.

How in the world can we intercede for those that need it when we refuse to set aside time and pray?

How do we hope to change anything without effort, time, and perseverance?

Let's ask God to make us keenly aware of the schemes of the enemy.  Evaluate your life.  Maybe you are good at avoiding sin but you are also good at avoiding meaningful times with the Lord.

What good is avoidance of sin if there is no power from the Presence of God?

How can we possibly be ambassadors of hope to a lost world when we have settled for hopelessness ourselves?

What good is the abundant life offered by Christ if it is housed in a person who has chosen to be dull rather than persist in the discipline of faith?

If prayer and bible study are not consistent in your life then the enemy might be lulling you into a false sense of security.

The most dangerous mindset that believers can possess is this crazy thought that we somehow need less of God the more we grow in Him.

This is a lie.  Do not fall for it.

I have to fight this one constantly.
If I have an amazing prayer time on Monday.  I am tempted not to pray again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Why is this?  Do I need Him any less than I did on Monday?


It just requires the things of me that are challenging to give to Him. Time. Attention. Vulnerability. Weakness.

God help me.  Too often I want to drop my sword.  I want to be lulled into dullness.  Let it not be.

Refresh and revive me.

Help me to rely on the power that You make available to me.

Help me to resist the devil so he must flee.  (James 4:7)

Sharpen me spiritually.

Awaken your church Lord.

Defeat the dullness and make us sharp by the power of the Holy Spirit.